Decentralized search with positive impact

Findto is a free and open source assistant for decentralized search. Explore a healthier web with control over search, AI, privacy, and carbon.

Search algorithms and AI working for you

Findto puts people in control of search — not the other way around. Quickly switch between diverse sources to find anything. More accessible and productive searches.

Discover with more privacy and less carbon

View the privacy level and the estimate carbon footprint of each search source. Discover more. Choose better.

Welcome to a better Web

The centralized web — where our searches are monopolized — it's not sustainable. Findto encourages a truly free web search experience, where the democratic people choices and the planet needs are together.


Decentralized search

Search the same term on diverse categories and sources

Privacy level

View the privacy level of selected source

Carbon footprint

View the estimate carbon footprint of selected source


Explore trending topics, contents, events, services and places nearby you


Get suggestions of search terms to help as you type

Voice search

Use your voice to search anywhere


Change layout and theme color, use keyboard or screen reader navigation


Chose your country for local sources or use global search

Visual search

Use a image to search on the supported sources

* In development

Positive impact searches

Decentralized search. Built for people. Friendly for planet.

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